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displaced people

It legal support to refugees as well as protects their fundamental human rights. 7️⃣ JA Worldwide is one of the world’s largest youth-centered NGOs that was established in 1919. The organization works in over 100 countries by assisting young people to gain the professional and entrepreneurial skillsets necessary to succeed. JA Worldwide employs about 4,000 people and had an annual operating income of about US$370 million. UNICEF’s work on child protection, nutrition and education is famous across the globe.


ActionAid is an international NGO working to end poverty, gender inequality, and injustice. It focuses on women, politics and economics, land and climate, and emergencies. Its head office is in South Africa, but it has hubs in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. AI’s impact includes freeing immigrants and asylum-seekers kept in unlawful detention and helping change public opinion on issues like the death penalty. 45% was spent on human rights research, advocacy, campaigning, and education. Based in France (where it’s known as Médecins Sans Frontières), Doctors Without Borders is a medical NGO working in conflict zones, areas affected by natural disasters, and areas with endemic diseases.

Since its foundation, the organisation has been working in emergency, reconstruction, chronic crisis and in development contexts to enhance the resilience of vulnerable people, particularly people living with disabilities. It is the leading organisation focusing its campaigns on issues related to the protection of the environment and the Earth, such as climate change, deforestation, commercial whaling, nuclear issues, overfishing and much more. Moreover, the organisation works focusing on the preservation of forests and oceans and to protect and restore the most valuable ecosystems for the climate and for biodiversity. Moreover, its staff and volunteers work to challenge the power of fossil fuel corporations and seek to hold big polluters to account.

Save the Children

Anti-Slavery International, which was founded in the UK, is the world’s oldest international human rights organization. It focuses on ending slavery in all its forms, including human trafficking, child slavery, and child marriage. Activities include working with survivors; supporting and promoting legal frameworks for ending slavery; and changing systems that allow exploitation. Further, with the collaboration of national governments, this organization focuses on public health systems, which include cancer, chronic diseases, childbirth, emergency response, HIV, mental health, etc. Furthermore, NGOs play a major in driving global health goals and impacting Health. Different NGOs do many other activities like environmental, social, advocacy, and human rights works.

Initially educated in Dhaka and later in the U.K., Abed was distressed by the downtrodden conditions of his homeland. And established BRAC, originally called Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee. Today, BRAC helps millions of people facing challenges like disease, poverty, injustice, lack of education, etc.

Difference Between Global warming and Climate change

All of the Foundations listed work with organisation’s based in the country of intervention making them important sources for new partnership opportunities for your NGO. Narayan Seva Sansthan, established in 1985, is a non-profit charitable organisation based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is known for providing philanthropic services in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of polio-affected people without discrimination of religion, region, caste, or gender. This is one of the largest NGOs in India and focuses on quality education through innovative learning. Pratham was founded back in 1995 yet continues to find new ways to ensure that children learn and stay strong.

It works in every stage of displacement, provides humanitarian aid and protection, and works with civil society and authorities to promote refugee rights. The Danish Refugee Council is an umbrella nonprofit with 33 member organizations, so it has a presence in over 40 countries including countries in Europe, Asia, and West and North Africa. Heifer International aims to eliminate hunger and poverty, by working with communities to strengthen local economies.

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Syria Earthquakes Humanitarian Response Fact Sheet U.S. ….

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WWF focuses its work to help local communities conserve their natural environment, transform markets and policies toward environmental sustainability and protect and restore species in their habitats. Furthermore, the organisation is engaged in collaborating with other international organisations on humanitarian partnerships to launch innovative conservation projects that merge conservation and human wellbeing. They run international development projects in over 30 countries with programmes across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. As one of London’s leading religious NGOs, CAFOD specialises in international development projects responding to conflicts, disasters and climate change. CAFOD also run advocacy campaigns through their church networks as well as emergency international development projects in countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq.

Partnering with WFP – for NGOs

Join today and gain access to exclusive information on upcoming funding opportunities from the largest bilateral and multilateral donors. Perhaps the only thing that can be said with any certainty about the NGO movement is that it represents civil society’s most visible response to globalisation. NGOs have often acted as proxies for unions in countries where the labour movement is repressed. Codes of conduct and corporate responsibility are often won through joint pressure, and NGO staff tend to be active members within their unions, just as union staff are often involved with NGO work.


This is a Non-profit sustainability advocacy organization founded in 1989 by Joan Bavaria. It is based on Boston, Massachusetts and only United States area served by it. The aim of this organization is to mobilize business leadership and investor to build a sustainable and thriving global economy. It brings together companies, investors, stakeholders and public interest groups to expand and accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices and solution to build a healthy global economy.

Recognized as India’s most trusted NGO, Child Rights and You works tirelessly to ensure happier and healthier childhoods for India’s underprivileged children. In the last 42 years, CRY has impacted the lives of over 3 million children across 19 states in India. This non government organization was established in 1979 when they were known as save the refugees fund. This NGO focus on political upheaval or economic collapses, place in transitions, disasters, conflicts and provides emergency reliefs in times of crisis. 9️⃣ Cure Violence Global was first established in 1995 in the United States and its program was launched in Chicago in 2000.

Multiple interdisciplinary projects

The organization focuses mainly on human rights and is the most famous and well-known NGO in the world. With the ever-growing population, it becomes more and more important to take care of our planet. They work on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, preserving the natural environment, and eradicating poverty.

  • For every euro spent, 80 cents were spent on programs, 12 cents were spent on raising funds and getting new supporters, and 8 cents were spent on HR, finance, etc.
  • With the ever-growing population, it becomes more and more important to take care of our planet.
  • With 17,300 staff across the world, UNHCR is one of the biggest humanitarian organisations.
  • The Stichting INGKA Foundation, a sizeable nonprofit, works with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees under the name “IKEA Foundation”.

These are 10 facts about BRAC that are necessary to understand more about the organization. As the union movement continues to evolve in the face of globalisation, unions may have more to learn from NGOs than from any other player. As we saw during the unprecedented global actions against poverty in 2005, the best NGOs don’t just meet your expectations, they change them. This NGO was established in 1995 by Dr. Gary Slutkin, a Chicago-based epidemiologist and works towards maintaining world peace.

Doctors Without Borders are also famous for their independence as an NGO. As one of the leading NGO’s working in hunger, nutrition and health, Action Against Hunger have international development projects across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. Action Against Hunger is also known for its international development work in conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. Action Against Hunger is one of the most well-known international development NGO’s in London. With headquarters near to Oval, London, WaterAid is the leading international development NGO in London focused on water and sanitation.

Combining humanitarian health interventions with campaigning for improved access to healthcare for excluded communities worldwide, Doctors of the World is one of the leading international development NGO’s based in London. With humanitarian and development projects across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Doctors of the World runs international development programmes in crises, as well as low- and -middle income countries. Christian aid is the leading Christian international development NGO based in London.

In fact, it is believed Nehru was against the RSS purely for political reasons. The RSS was banned on Nehru’s orders because he suspected Vallabhbhai Patel would form a political alliance with them and challenge the Congress. Thanks to the important contribution of these unsung heroes, along with that of our army, we were able to world largest ngo Kashmir from the clutches of Pakistan and protect and preserve our national honour. In October 1947, soon after India became independent, Pakistani troops had reached the borders of Kashmir. In these conditions Sardar Patel sent a message to the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh , MS Golwalker, requesting him to use his influence to prevail upon the Maharaja to accede to India.

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Devex Career Hub: How to spot red flags when applying to new roles.

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Their focuses include antibiotic resistance, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, vaccinations, mental health, and more. They use 14% of their income on fundraising, 85% on programs, and 1% on management and general admin. Greenpeace International is an independent NGO founded in 1971 and it is comprised of 27 independent national and regional organisations present in over 55 countries across different continents. The organisation works directly with communities and people who are fighting to protect their environment.

The volunteers of Cure Violence work to establish friendly relations, terminate violence, reform criminals, etc. It operates in 8 countries and has shown a remarkably positive influence all over the globe. Get free updates about online courses, paid internships, bachelor’s and master’s programs, scholarships, summer schools and other educational opportunities delivered to your inbox. In 2021, Save the Children and its member organizations reached almost 43 million kids and responded to 103 humanitarian emergencies. It is composed of 450 people from 70-plus nationalities who are country experts, lawyers, journalists and others who work to protect the most at risk.



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